Global capital is skeptical of China now. But that China’s growth story has not ended. There is actually a way to invest in China without investing in China.

The world ex-China is experiencing inflation, while China is going through deflation. This setup gives unique opportunities.

Chinese entrepreneurs are expanding globally and they would like to know their customers directly and jump over the traders and also the buyers, so that the whole supply chain is more efficient.

Shein and Temu are good examples of this big trend, but there are more opportunities. Despite the fact that we are living in the age of decoupling, ironically, Chinese entrepreneurs are fundamentally reshaping infrastructure in the US, in Europe and in emerging markets. And there will be ample investment opportunities there as well.

Many “Chinese teams” now start as global players, with development and operations teams in China, while product and marketing teams based abroad, from the very start. It’s called a “Glocal” model and their companies are the so-called “Go Global出海” companies. One of the companies is Sailvan Times赛维时代, a large Amazon-based merchant, successfully IPOed unto China A Share market this year.

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